Wednesday, November 7, 2012


While I was in England I set up a time to meet up with my brother who lives in England. Tyler, my brother, lives in Tadley which is an hour and a half outside of London. Tyler and I have the same dad and different moms. His mom, or should I say mum, is from England, so that is why Tyler was raised there. He is 2 years older than I am, so whenever we see each other it is always fun because of the closeness in age. 

He and his other sister Loren, who I am not related to, took the train into London and stayed at the same hotel our group was staying in, the Premier Inn in Hanger Lane. I was so happy to see them I cried. At this point I had not seen him in almost two years. I was beyond excited to be with him again. At this point we visited in the hotel bar and had a few drinks to get reacquainted. 

Luckily that night was a “free” night so Tyler, Loren and I took the tube into the city to go to a few pubs to watch the football match (soccer) and have a few pints. Tyler took us to an old antique looking pub. It was so beautiful! The walls were a glossy wood and the ceilings had amazing hand painted murals that looked like something Michelangelo created.

 We spent more time talking and catching up while I watched one of my first football matches. This was such an unbelievable night. I was in an authentic pub in London with my brother that I have not seen in so long, sharing drinks and watching a match with a crowd of Londoners. This was easily one of the best nights I have ever had.

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