Monday, November 19, 2012

The Beauty of Versailles

Imagine the most beautiful gardens, with angelic fountains surrounded by statues, outrageous paintings hundreds and hundreds years old, incredible and lavish rooms filled with the most expensive furniture and then cover it in gold and you have Versailles. Versailles was the home of the Royal French family. 

The day we visited Versailles I was very eager to see the palace because I had studied it in previous classes and I instantly fell in love with the history and the art. As we walked through the palace each and every room became more and more lavish and outrageous! There was gold moldings, gold furniture, gold emblems, just gold everywhere! I was astonished to pace around in awe, knowing the royal family, including Marie Antoinette, once lived here. When we came upon the hall of mirrors I was stopped in my tracks. In all honesty I started to tear up. It was miraculous. The chandeliers, the mirrors, the gold and the statues were outstanding. Just knowing that this was where Marie Antoinette took my breath away.  

What really made my jaw drop was also hearing the history behind the palace. At this time in history the country of France was starving to death, however their ‘leaders’ the royal family were living as though they owned the entire world! This is where the famous words were spoken, “let them eat cake.” 

I found myself strolling in the Versailles gardens unaccompanied, yet again. This truly made me realize how incredibly romantic the country of France was. I realized the next time I come I will definitely bring my future husband. The gardens of Versailles were spectacularly manicured where not one thing was out of place. I was taken aback by the amazing fountains and the beautiful flowers.

In the center of the gardens was a small lake where everyone was able to rent a row boat. A few of my friends and I got a boat and ventured out onto the small lake. However, none of us had ever rowed a boat before, so needless to say it was interesting. However, we ended up getting the hang of it and we had a blast! Once this day was over I realized how lucky I was to be able to go on this trip and to see all the beautiful things the world has to offer. This trip ultimately inspired me to further pursue my dreams of traveling. Next stop Italy <3

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