Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romantic Night with the Eiffel Tower... or not.

There are days I wish I could go back to Europe and escape from the terrors of college and the life I lead. Visiting England and France was a great escape and I recommend everyone venturing out to see the world and what it offers. 

One of my favorite visits in France was to the Eiffel tower. It was a miraculous view! 
Our first night in Paris we were taken to the Eiffel tower to ride a boat tour around the city. I was with my friend Colby and her boyfriend Joey. Of course, I had no person of interest to join me on this lovely and romantic boating trip. As we were paraded under the bridges and through the coves we passed the Notre Dame Cathedral and numerous couples having romantic, candlelight dinners on the riverside. Then we approached another bridge, but this was a special bridge, the most romantic bridge in Paris. Well isn’t this just darling. As we came closer, the tour guide proceeded to tell us if lovers kiss under the bridge then it will bring them eternal happiness. Then she went on to explain that if we did not have said lover (me!) then just make a wish under the bridge and love will come your way. Well, that lady was wrong. 
Anyway, we ended the tour back at the Eiffel tower to see it go up in sparkling lights. It was beyond gorgeous. Definitely a moment to spend with a significant other, however, I spent it with the drooling old man sleeping on the hand rail. Awesome.

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